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Reverend Amps: Combos - Heads - Cabinets

Reverend Rumblefish

Reverend Amp For Sale?

If you are thinking about selling your Amp/Cab, or any other USA Reverend Guitar or Bass please send me an E-MAIL as I am always interested in buying USA Reverends (if the wife will allow!) But if not, I might be able to steer you in the directions of someone who does, or expand your guitar's exposure by listing it here on the site (for Free!)

Welcom to the Reverend Fanatic!

If you made it to the page from an outside link, I want to welcome you to the Reverend Fanatic Website. I encourage you to take a look around at the rest of the website as there is plenty of information on the Reverend Musical Instruments manufactured in the USA between 1997 and 2006.

Reverend Amps Joe Naylor began making speakers in 1993 with the introduction of the J.F. Naylor Special Design 50 speaker. It was one of the earliest 12" Jensen-style, upgrade replacement speakers. By 1994, the Naylor Amplifier line was introduced, but by 1996, Joe left the company after selling his interest in to his business partner.

In 1997, Joe Naylor began making guitars under the Reverend Musical Instrument name, and has been going strong ever since. Reverend Amp production started in 2001 and was a collaborative effort between Joe Naylor and Dennis Kager of Ampeg fame.

For Reverend's line of Amps, their basic concept was simple; they strove to make an all-tube design that was simple, reliable, and had the tonal purity of a single-channel amp. This all had to be in an affordable, versatile, and light weight package. By all accounts, they "Nailed" it. The results were a "Boutique" amp that the working and part-time hobbyist musician could afford and be proud of. Cusack Music has recently bought the rights to Joe Naylor's Reverend Amp line, and has re-introduced the Kingsnake and Hellhound lines in an enitriely "Made in the USA" line.

Reverend Amp and Cabinet Models

Reverend Serial Number Reverend Amps and Cabs are certainly collectible, but they are also extremely playable. They are great for bedroom jam sessions, and are equally at home on the stage. Joe says their “secret weapon is the 3-position Schizo switch, which changes the pre-amp gain and EQ for three distinct voicings: US which is Fender-y, UK which can do a good Vox, Marshall or Hiwatt imitation, and LO-FI which is reminiscent of vintage Supro and Silvertone type amps. If you know how to tweak the controls, you can really nail a variety of vintage tones. These amps show up on eBay and Craigslist, as well as Musician Forums from time to time. Prices fluctuate with the overall musical instrument market, but good deals can be had if you are vigilant.

Hellhound Combo: 1000 Built

Harmony Central User Overall Rating 9.1

Reverend Hellhound ComboFeatures: Schizo switch, gain, volume, treble, mid, bass, presence and reverb controls. Electro-Harmonix tubes are used throughout: two 12AX7's in the pre-amp, 12AX7 reverb driver, 12AX7 phase inverter and two 6L6 power tubes. Includes 4, 8 and 16 ohms speaker outputs, effects loop, and the wattage switch that goes from 40 to 60 watts for extra headroom when needed. Reverend 12" All-Tone 1250

Hellhounds were offered in Black "Cowboy" (Tooled leather) Tolex, Vintage Blond (only 105 Units made) and Brown Tolex.

Hellhound Head: 300 Built

Harmony Central User Overall Rating 9.7

Blond Hellhound The Hellhound Head has the same features of the Combo, but offers several advantages. Because there is no chassis mounted inside, the separate cabinet is more efficient, therefore offering a slightly wider frequency range (more bass and treble) and slightly more volume. A separate head also isolates the tubes and chassis from direct speaker vibration resulting in less noise, buzzes, rattles and increased tube life.

The was available in the Black "Cowboy" Tolex, as well as a Limited Edition Blond Tolex with Matching Blond 112 Cabinet (only 16 Units Produced).

Kingsnake Combo: 300 Built

Harmony Central User Overall Rating 9.7

Reverend KingsnakeThe Kingsnake is designed to produce a powerful "boutique" amp tone in an affordable and light weight package. It has a Jensen 12 inch Neo 100 speaker. Electro-Harmonix Tubes: two 6L6 and four 12AX7. All-Tube Circuit: 100% tube signal path and tube-driven reverb circuit. Construction features include chassis mounted,hand-wired jacks, switches and controls. Independent pre-amp, power amp and control circuit boards for reliability and easy service.

Kingsnake Head: 75 Built

Harmony Central User Overall Rating 8.5

Reverend Kingsnake HeadThe Kingsnake Head has the same features as the Kingsnake Combo Amp above. Single-channel, all-tube design that offers versatility via the Schizo voicing switch, master volume, switchable wattage and tube-driven reverb.

Goblin Combo: 300 Built

Harmony Central User Overall Rating 9.4

Reverend GoblinLike other Reverend amps, the Goblin employs an all-tube design and switchable power amp section with a matched pair of Electro-Harmonix 6V6 tubes, a preamp with hum-eliminating DC-filament 12AX7s, and a 12AX7 tube reverb circuit with an Accutronics tank. The all-plywood cabinet is covered in black tolex with black spun-aluminum knobs and a black faceplate with white silkscreen indicator markings. The checkerboard grille cloth and retro-style Reverend logo add vintage flair.

The speaker component consists of a 10" Jensen neodymium-magnet speaker resulting in a 22lb overall weight for this combo.

Reverend Speaker Cabinets

Reverend 2x12 Reverend made:

  • 112 Cabinets = 90 units
  • 212 Cabinets = 35 Units
  • 410 Cabinets = 30 Units
  • 412 Cabinets = 1 Unit

The low production numbers make them pretty desirable for the Reverend Faithful. As with most amps and cabs, pricing is dependent on many factors, but check the sidebar for recent e-Bay pricing.

Reverend Amp or Cabinet for Sale ?

Please send me an E-MAIL as I am always interested in buying USA Reverends (if the wife will allow!) But if not, why not expand your amp's exposure by listing it here on the site? (for Free!)