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Reverend Wolfman


The first production Wolfman,sn 03420, was built in July 2003 with the Red Faux Mahogany finish. It wasn't until February of 2004, seven months later, that production really got into full swing. When you add up all the Wolfman variants though, you find that only 136 were produced in a 2 1/2 year period. Its interesting to note that THE last Reverend USA made was a Bugeye Wolfman signed but the entire USA Crew, sn 04942. It was once part of Joe Naylor's personal collection, but word has it that it was released into the wild some time ago. If you know of the whereabouts, please drop me a line!
Own a Wolfman? I am always begging folks for picutres to be included here at the Reverend Fanatic site, so if you have one, and don't mind sharing, please send some pics my way

Reverend Wolfman

Wolfman for Sale?

If you are thinking about selling your Wolfman, or any other USA Reverend Guitar, Bass, or Amp, please send me an E-MAIL as I am always interested in buying USA Reverends (if the wife will allow!) But if not, I might be able to steer you in the directions of someone who does, or expand your guitar's exposure by listing it here on the site (for Free!)


Reverend WolfmanThe December 2003 Press Releasefor the Wolfman stated:
"Reverend has introduced the USA made Wolfman guitar featuring two RevTron humbuckers. These clean sounding humbuckers are designed for thick twang and upper-mid growl reminiscent of 1950's rockabilly era guitars. However, RevTrons are wound about 5% hotter than the originals for more versatility."

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Wolfman Collecting Notes

Reverend Wolfman Guitar The most common color to be found in Wolfmen is Orange, and there are two flavors: Pumpkin Orange (21 instruments) and Safety Orange (17).

The only other phenolic top to make it in to double digits was Sky Blue (18).
The other Wolfmen in significant numbers are are 8 Black, 8 Aged Yellow, and 7 in Burgandy.

For the specialty metal finishes, there are two Lava Swirls (though neither have the Bigsby), and one each of Ridged Aluminum and Bug Eye (the last Reverend USA made, noted above and pictured below).

Moroccan Gold is the most plentiful with 12 total (including 1 Hot Rod Flame and 3 Hawaiians). There are 2 each of Lake Superior Blue and Space Race Silver. In Dragonfly Green there are 2 as well, though one has the Hot Rod Flames. There is one Smoked Chrome with Hawaiian Scene.

Red Faux Mahogany leads the wolf pack with 12 instruments. There are 6 in Flamed Maple, and 1 in Quilted Maple.

Reverend didn't seem to keep very good records when it came to the Rockhide finish. Rockhide has kind of a distressed leather look to it, and more info can be found on the GUITAR page. Instruments that we know to be "rockhides" have been listed as "BLK" and "PUM", which are the same abbreviations used with the phenolic material in that color. The archives lists one Pumpkin Orange Rockhide and one Western Red Rockhide. My guess is that there are more that have not yet come to light. If you have one of these please contact me as I would love to get some pictures and hear the story behind the guitar.

Wolfman "one of a kinds", not mentioned above: Aged White, Red, Fire Engine Red, White and Turquoise.

The Wolfman is known for its Revtrons and to just a slightly lesser extant, the Bigsby. Almost 3/4ths of the Wolfmen (100 of 136) were sold with Bigsbys, but that is slightly misleading. Bigsbys were not available as an option for the Workhorse series, so when they are taken out of the equation, the "Bigsby'd" percentage is 80%. One Wolfman was ordered with a Hipshot Tremelo (The Morrocan Gold with Flames - sn 03634).

Reverend Wolfman

Only 17 of the Wolfmen were sold with Maple Necks.

Wiring options: 21 models came with the Phase Switch.

There are only 3 models that are noted as being "Custom". The last USA Bug Eye (mentioned above), a Ridged Aluminum, and one in Space Race Silver.
Two Wolfman have had their bodies "switched". Serial Number 03819 was originally Flamed Maple, but was returned to Reverend for a Fire Engine Red Front/Black Back. Number 03632 had a less dramatic swap, Quilted Mahogany from Red Mahogany.

Reverend Wolfman For Sale?

Again, the Wolfman is my personal favorite Reverend USA guitar. If you have one, and are thinking about selling, I am sure we can work out something! Please drop me an E-MAIL even if its just to brag.

Advance Wolfman 4400 -Space Race Silver/Bigsby Reverend Wolfman

Advanced Wolfman 04714 -Pumkin Orange/Bigsby - BigsbyReverend USA Advanced WolfmanUSA Reverend Advanced Wolfman Pumpkin Orage

Reverend Advanced Wolfman 04482 Burgundy/BigsbyReverend Woflman
Reverend Wolfman

Wolfman 03736 - Safety Orange/Bigsby
Reverend Wolfman
Reverend Wolfman

Wolfman 03633 - Sky Blue/Maple/Bigsby
Reverend Wolfman

Wolfman 03682 - Moroccan Gold/Bigsby
Reverend Wolfman Reverend Wolfman


Advanced Wolfman 04276 Aged Yellow/Bigsby
Reverend Wolfman